barista training

Barista Training

Understanding your coffee products and equipment is just as important as the products themselves; this is why I provide FREE training, to those who commit to buying my freshly roasted coffee for their establishment. Danielle’s coffee is dedicated to helping you make the very best of your products to behold a reputation that is world-class.

Danielle’s will not just sell you products and forget about you, there will always be ongoing support available to help if you require it. I have the knowledge and experience to help you keep consistently high coffee standard.

Coffee Shop Training Courses (max of 6 people)

1/2 Day (2 – 3 hours) Barista Training

All the basics on how to use the espresso machine to the best of its ability, a guide to how to make espresso based drinks correctly. The importance of keeping the coffee fresh and the espresso machine as clean and as well maintained as possible, Talk through and get a full understanding of all the drinks on the coffee menu. What to look for in a good espresso and how to achieve it, finally how to create beautiful, silky, melted mashmellowy textured milk!
Full Day (6 hours) Barista Training

The history of coffee, from when it was discovered right up to the point where its roasted and sent to consumer, see coffee being roasted, Cupping Session (Tasting different coffees from around the world!) Go through the basics of making the perfect coffee (as above from the 1/2 day!). The basics of mastering latte art.

Latte Art Training

Before booking a latte art course it is important you know the basic principles of making coffee from the espresso machine (I would recommend attending a full or half day barista session before hand.) Latte art is a skill and just proves to the customer that you know what you are doing and care about what you do. It will draw the customers in and make them keep returning. Achieving pictures in the coffee with free pour can be very rewarding and fun. I will give a break down of the stages needed and try to improve your every pour. Then it’s practice, practice, practice!

Besides the normal training courses Basic, Advanced, Latte art I am happy to design a course around your needs, for example, I can help give advice and share my experiences of starting up a new coffee shop. I can be there on the first day of your opening, work along side your baristas to ensure the coffee is great from day one. I also train for coffee competitions if you are looking to take things further.

We also supply Danielle’s coffee voucher to sell on to your customers, allowing them to understand about coffee, this includes tasting coffees from around the world and understanding the process it goes through before it gets to us. They even get the opportunity to work the espresso machine and roast coffee to take home.

To book a training course contact me via email or give me a call on 07725193679. Home barista training courses are also available, see below.