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Sourcing the Coffee

All Danielle's coffees are carefully selected right from its evergreen shrub. Various quality control tests are taken to control the selection of the beans and areas in which the beans grow. 'DRWakefields' are the coffee importers that makes this happen for Danielle's Coffee, they are at the root of our business making every effort to make regular trips to coffee producers and cooperatives to build up and maintain long standing relationships with the farmers.

DRWakefields are a family run company and where established in the 1970's, they were the first Fairtrade Certified coffee importer in the UK (1994) and the first to gain a European organic license too. Here is a Coffee Origin Map of all the places DRWakefields imports coffees from:


El Salvador


Costa Rica














New Guinea


Roasting the Beans

Our roasting equipment is the most advanced and because it is controlled by a computer system it creates consistent roasts and blends. The roasting staff play a part in this and keep a close eye on the process and can adjust the airflow and temperature if need be.

Knowing that our coffee will be roasted and blended consistently every time means we can focus on the front end stuff of the business and give all the best barista training and support possible to our customers.

Lighter Roasts

They are lighter in shade and have a dry surface. The beans maintain more of their characteristics of where they are grown. Most of our coffee is roasted light to medium and will taste more flavorsome and fruity than a dark roast.

Darker Roasts

The shade of brown is darker, beans become oily and shiny and they become bigger in size and lighter in weight just like the popcorn effect. this can destroy some of the acidy and add more bitterness. We do not over roast any of our coffee’s as we like to keep the flavor of our high quality beans in tact.

Danielle's Coffees

Danielle's Coffee has a huge range of unique coffee blends and single origins, from the most exclusive to the most basic, Danielle can also designs unique blends around you and your coffee business to suit your budget just as she does her barista training and consultancy.

Please see below a small selection of some of Danielle's Coffee offerings. Danielle is always happy to book you on tasting sessions at the Training Suite in Bridgnorth or come to you? Just call to book an appointment.

Danielle's Espresso Coffees

Used mainly with the espresso machine and are often made up of 2 or more single origin coffees to make a blend. The coffees overall flavour should cover all the taste buds on the tongue sometimes a single origin coffee can do this all by itself but most of the time single origin coffees works better in a cafetière/filter where the brewing process is much more gentle, espresso can draw out too much of one flavour leaving it too acidic and flat. A blend of coffee often makes up a well balanced, rich, and full bodied espresso.

Danielle's Premium Espresso Blend

A blend of five high quality single origins from around the world, this blend has been specially crafted by Danielle's Coffee to create the perfect espresso. Coffees from Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador and Honduras bring great caramel and toffee sweetness and mild nutty notes, while a little mild, flavoursome Washed Robusta from Indonesia adds depth of flavour and punch to the espresso.

Danielle's Italian Blend

Coffees from Honduras, Mysore, Mocha Sidamo, Ugandan Robusta. A rich, smooth, full-roasted blend of South American and African arabicas and Indian robusta. Full-bodied and a liquorice sweetness.

Danielle's 2008 UKBC Blend

Coffee from Pocos de caldas (Brazil), Borboyon (El Salvador), Culpan Estate (Guatemala), Yirgacheffe (Ethiopia), Gethimbwini (Kenya)

Triple Certified

Good body, with smokey, spicey, nutty notes from the Colombia and Java and a smooth mild finish from the Honduras (Central Americans washed Indonesian sun dried)

Essential Blend

Specially blended to balance great flavour with a gentle price, this blend creates a fantastically rich and earthy espresso with notes of dark cocoa, earthy spices and malty sweetness. Full of flavour and thick in body, this is perfect as either an espresso or a milky drink.

Danielle's Cafetière and Filter Coffees

Generally a single origin coffee (Meaning from 1 origin and 1 farm) works extremely well in a cafetière/filter it's a great way of tasting a coffees characteristics and capturing the taste of the coffee beans process and journey. Although of course a blend of the origins can be used to make a harmonized drink. All Filter coffees can be pre-ground in pre-weighed sachets of your preference.

I think it is nice to have a different coffee to try every so often (maybe a coffee of the month?) Take a look at the Coffee Origin Map above to be inspired. Contact us for more details.

Here is a few to have a think about...

Exclusive Range

El Salvador Monte Sion Bourbon Gourmet

An exceptional single estate Bourbon grown on the Monte Sion estate in El Salvador. Full of complex fruity acidity and syrupy sweetness, this coffee makes an intensely flavourful espresso or filter coffee and a smooth, sweet and complex milky drink. Full of notes of caramel, toffee, ripe fruit, almond and a slight biscuit flavour in the finish. Voted in the top ten certified coffees in the world, this is a coffee with a mark of distinction.

Jamaican Blue Mountain

Grown and processed by the world-famous Wallenford estate, one of only three estates with the distinction of producing Jamaican Blue Mountain, possibly the most famous coffee in the world. Smooth and sweet with mild nutty and caramel overtones balanced by distinct fruity acidity in the finish. Exported from Jamaica in specially crafted Japanese cedar barrels, this is not only the most famous coffee in the world, but one of the most expensive.

Kopi Luwak

Perhaps the most eccentric coffee in the world, this Indonesian coffee leads a surprising life before ending up in the cup. The Palm Civet, a lemur-like animal in the forests of Indonesia, has a penchant for the ripest and sweetest coffee cherries. It eats these cherries in huge amounts, digesting the pulp from around the beans inside and depositing the beans on the forest floor as animals do... These small clumps of beans are then handpicked from the forest floor by Kopi Luwak farmers, who then sell them at astronomical prices (often around £500 per kilo!). the reason for the cost is the immense rarity of these beans, as well as the complex digestive system of the Palm Civet processing the beans in a unique way, giving a rich, aromatic and earthy coffee in the cup. Balanced and smooth, this coffee has all the hallmarks of a great cup of coffee, as well as an interesting story behind it!

Australian Skybury

One of only two coffees grown in developed countries (the other being Hawaiian Kona), this coffee is grown in Northern Queensland, Australia. Grown in very small amounts on selected coffee farms, this coffee is mild, nutty and tangy with notes of caramel and hazelnut balanced by a zingy citrusy acidity. Shipped in specially made 20kg sacks (instead of the usual 60 or 70kg sacks in other countries), this coffee is as exclusive as it gets.

Danielle's Decaffeinated Coffee

Decaffeinated coffee From Brazil. The caffeine is extracted using a special water steaming process. This has the effect of darkening the beans, but does not impair the flavour. It is one of the best ways of removing caffeine as it is 100% chemical free and gently removes 99.9% of the caffeine. Used for both espresso and Filter/Cafetière.