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Part one, Costa Rica


10 days in Costa Rica, 5 Coffee farms and a co-operative, with the most amazing group of people, couldn't have wished for a better tour guild either. So it really isn't a case of popping over to the source of coffee, the fact that it only grows naturally in the tropics.

End of year, start of year blog


Looking back over 2017, I have come to the conclusion that my lessons in business since 2010 have very much come to light and paid off this year and I would be confident in making the bold proud statement that ‘I am a successful business woman.’ Thank you to all those who have supported me and helped me achieve this. I have become a bit tougher, realizing I need more than just passion to push things forward. I am excited to use some useful strategy ideas for another successful year T/A Danielle’s Coffee LTD in 2018.

The Perfect Grind


If the grind is too fine it will result in an over extraction, taking longer than 30 seconds & over cooking the flavours. Too coarse results in under extraction, under 20 seconds, under cooked and weak wishy washy flavours. So this is how the grind effects the espresso, but the grind setting is also as important for all the other coffee brewing methods too. (Watch this space for a section of my website explaining in detail how to use each brewing method).

Plantation to Pot


The plantation is owned and run by the Chappy family who have been growing coffee, cacao, sugar cane and other crops including cinnamon. The plantation and farm is in the mountainous region of Anamuya. The Chappy family have been growing here for generations, they lead a simple but hard working life between farm and primary jungle which has a thick dense undergrowth and low canopy making it one of the most arduous and gruelling conditions to work in, as I have first hand experience working in jungles. Besides the heat, humidity no medical support for miles is the shear terrain as its near impossible to farm here using machines due to the shear vegetation and steep sided slopes so therefore everything is done with a machete, parang and hands. The farm uses a large concrete pan which is located outside the front of the farm in a cleared area for the drying process which takes around 7 days. The coffee beans were a lot smaller than the ones seen in grown at the Kiwi coffee factory in Kenya just over 12 months ago, also the the farm was a lot smaller and didn't seem as commercial as the Kenyan ones. Both factories are fairtrade, Rain forest alliance and organic.

2016 The Year to get lean!!!


2016 The Year to get lean!!! Apparently !! Personally my take on this is to get out more and enjoy what the great out doors has to offer and try something new.

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