Danielle's Coffee
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About Us

What We Do

Danielle's Coffee is a gourmet coffee company based in Shropshire. We supply coffee shops, hotels, bars and restaurants with essentially the very best tasting coffee and beautiful functioning equipment and machinery. Above all we also provide the exceptional training and services to ensure your customers are always satisfied.

Each service and product we offer has been carefully selected to create a whole package of ʻthe very best!ʼ

Why Choose Us

I (Danielle) have selected excellence for my blossoming business. After being compelled by the coffee industry for many of years I have developed my skills and discovered the products and people I want to work with. I will provide a personal service which is honest, familiar and unpretentious. Working in busy restaurants and cafes myself I like to think I can relate to most situations.

A Bit About Danielle

After completing my A Levels at Oldbury Wells School in Bridgnorth Shropshire I moved to Padstow Cornwall to work for Celebrity chef Rick Steins as a waitress, this was supposed to be a gap year before studying hospitality at university, I was learning so much on the job that I ended up staying at Rick Steins for 3 years & this is where I discovered my passion for coffee.

In 2006 & 2008 I entered the UK Barista Championships (UKBC), I was a finalist twice, since then I have become a sensory judge & committee member for the competitions.

Since working for Rick Stein I have been the manager of 2 very busy coffee shops (one which was set up by Celebrity Chef Martin Blunos), Roasted coffee professionally & was a Barista Trainer all over the UK for a company based in Yorkshire.

I decided to move back to my home town of Bridgnorth Shropshire to set up a coffee company of my own & that's when Danielle's Coffee was formed.

The acquisition of new customers has been an exhilarating process for me and I relish the opportunity to work with more business people; ultimately helping them to achieve the very best of training and equipment to suit their needs. It is my ambition to be instrumental in making your business profitable and successful.

My Vision

I see my products and services inspiring people all over the UK - “They will discover greatness and not want to go back.” Your customers will search high and low for the same quality they got from you and will not settle for any less. I see Danielle's Coffee making a difference to the way coffee is seen and thought of throughout Britain.

Maximum Health, 2 St Marys Street
Bridgnorth, Shropshire, WV16 4DW